Do you have a sinking feeling that your marketing team is doing the same thing over and over again without getting the results they want?

• The process of measuring the exhibition success is unclear or lacks pertinence
• On-site staff doesn’t take the most of their presence: poorly briefed, not trained
• Lots of efforts are lost in the details of the logistics
• Everything is left to the last minute with service providers leading to higher costs
• Uncertainty about a new contractor when going to a new region

• Same mistakes happen again : the poster format is not right, the coffee machine is not working
• Interminable negotiation with each contractor at each show
• No one remembers your company’s preferences if key team members leave
• Team works until 3am before the show opening

We have seen a pattern.
The most effective and successful companies at international exhibitions were not those with the most beautiful stand, but rather those with a formula.


As a marketing director, you want your team to run successful campaigns for your corporation. While it is widely common to have corporate guidelines to consistently create your brand identity, when it comes to exhibitions, you need a solid brief.

Run Successful Campaigns

Multi-show Campaign Thinking

You exhibit at 3 or more exhibitions a year, you may want your marketing teams effort to be focused on reaching the business goals rather than re-inventing the exhibition wheel at every occurence.


By exhibiting you are actually staging an experience, a performance. Participating at your indusrty trade show with a booth and figuring things out on the fly has a serious opportunity cost for your company that could change the game of your marketing contribution to the company goals.

In our 10 years experience in streamlining our clients trade show campaigns across the globe, in different cultures and venues and each with specific objectives, some shows are simply for a proof of existence, others are strategic for your business. Therefore adapting and orchestrating your trade show campaign with this in mind should lead to a more effective budget allocation that bring more results than treating everything equally or winging it by leaving most of things to randomness.



Staging an Experience

Getting Results

We help you find the formula for a consistent exhibiting experience.

We help you take the most advantage of your exhibiting opportunity.

  • Have clear metrics everyone in the team understands 
  • Play the long game and project your trade show strategy on a 2 to 3 years timeframe 
  • Don’t waste energy at every show participation
  • Have an overarching philosophy that guides many decisions regarding your exhibitions
  • Focus on achievement of trade show strategic goals rather than philosophising on the right blue for the chairs 
  • Do all the thinking upfront, once and commit on a multi-show campaign where most unnecessary variations are removed
  • Be consistent without being boring
  • Don’t leave training new staff or booth representative to chance
  • Look fresh when you turn-up at your stand as you did not have to reinvent the wheel with yet another new custom stand
  • Figure out the levers to stage a memorable experience for your visitors, whether those are delegations, high profile, partners, suppliers, customers, users
  • Have a clear methodology to architect not a stand but a visitor experience that goes beyond aesthetics and functionality


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