Having a hard time welcoming and engaging with people at your stand at exhibitions? 

A professional hostess might be just what you need. Here are Easy Exhibit’s 5 reasons for you to hire a hostess at your next exhibition.


There are numerous reasons for your company to take part in an exhibition. Sales, product launch, awareness, exhibitions provide you with an opportunity to connect with your peers, suppliers, partners and future clients. Although your presence and a good looking stand could increase engagement, there are other parameters that have effect on your overall results at the trade show. One of those parameters is the onsite experience of your team and your visitors.If you think a hostess is just a pretty face, you’re mistaken. A hostess can be a driving sales force at your booth and much more than “a bit of extra help”.


1. The hostess can free up your sales team and help them do their jobs.

Your sales team need the freedom to move around the exhibition, but you can’t leave the stand unattended. This would be a waste of money and resources. You wouldn’t leave the office unattended, right? And a stand is entirely dependent on walk in traffic and really does need to be maned all the time.


2. A hostess is good branding

A well-presented and friendly hostess, who is easy on the eyes and wearing your company’s logo is a great brand ambassador at an exhibition. Some people are magnetic, and you can’t help but talk to them. A hostess is trained to bring attention by drawing visitors to your booth.


3. Sort out the crowd

Your time on site is precious. You’ve invested in sending your finest sales people to represent your company and products. Having qualified conversations and leads is Key to make your participation profitable. A trained hostess can filter those leads for you, dismissing with some giveaways all the not interesting contacts and making sure you get a next step with every visitor you engage with.


4. You’ll not miss out on important opportunities

Ever been invited by your clients and didn’t want to leave the stand? Ever been to an exhibition where so much was happening, but you had to attend to your products? A professional hostess can fill in for you while you attend these important meetings and gatherings. Networking is in the DNA of exhibitions, make sure you take the most out of it.


5. Saves money and easier to coordinate

Getting a member of your staff as a helping hand to an exhibition can be a costly ordeal. You need to organize and pay for airfares accommodation, daily allowances. Hiring a local hostess is easier to manage logistically, and you get their added knowledge of the area, culture, and language if you are at an international exhibit. These are professionals, who have had time to familiarize themselves with the conditions your sales team are going to encounter. It just makes sense.


Already considering hiring a hostess for your next show?

Contact us and we will help you with this. Definitely, an experienced and trained hostess will help you have a great, successful and stress-free experience at your show and can maximize the return on your investment.

  Image by Minerva Studio via Full HD Pictures